Embracing Dying

Is a service to support the practical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the dying process for the individual.

The purpose of the Embracing Dying Training Course is to create a renewed awareness around death and dying.

Nowadays dying has become something that is mostly feared and not easily discussed, especially in the Western World; it is almost as though we have forgotten how to die well.
How do we teach?

We teach by providing talks, individual exercises, small group work, discussion groups and through the mediums of touch and sound.

The course provides a two-year support and supervision process during which time every newly trained Soul Advocate will be able to link in with the course leaders each time they are working with a person.

We envisage this support as a vital ingredient of the Embracing Dying training
Soul Advocacy

The Task of the Soul Advocate is to help the individual embrace their own dying process. Essential qualities needed to do this work are: empathic listening, inner flexibility, a non-judgmental attitude with an unconditional, steadfast and loving presence.

Details of our training courses in Soul Advocacy will be regularly posted on the ‘Courses & Trainings’ page of this website as will our ‘One Day Workshops’. We are also able to offer the services of a solicitor to assist with the preparation of a Last Will & Testament and Living Will if this is required.

The purpose of the
Soul Advocate
is to help the individual
embrace their own
dying process.

About the Founder

Throughout my professional life, I have spent a lot of time with people who are nearing the end of their life. Whilst caring for my own mother as she approached her death, I came to realise how essential it is to listen to the individual needs of the person.

It became clear to me that everyone would benefit from soul support and care during their own preparation for this natural life event. This led me to develop my skills further.

I am trained in Soul Advocacy (supporting individuals at the end of life), Heart Leadership (a training in leading organisations working with counselling skills in the resolution of negative interaction) and Social Support.

Course facilitators are Cathie Green and Monika Horber.