Embracing the Dying Process

In times gone by dying was embraced by the family and the community, as a whole with the children always included attending this natural life event. Today dying and death in general is not so easily talked about. Such thoughts are often pushed away until either we are faced with the death of a loved one or our own mortality.

Embracing Dying offers One Day Workshops as well as the full three-day training course in soul advocacy. Our training courses enable one to work as a professional Soul Advocate who will be fully knowledgeable in supporting a person during their last phase of life.

At the centre of this service, the Advocate ensures that support is available for all individuals regardless of their religious, spiritual or humanistic orientation.

Some points to consider

  • Who would you like to be with you or not? (Dying evokes fear for many people)
  • Would you like to have someone you could call upon to act as your proxy?
  • Would you like to be active in the decision making?
  • Have you made a Living Will or a Last Will and Testament?
  • Is the creation of a sacred environment for yourself important?
  • Would you wish to create a “Memory Book” of your life?
  • Consider the possible need for pain management and its potential effect on your ability to be able to communicate your needs.
  • Would you like to create your own death plan and funeral service?
  • Do you require assistance with the preparation of a Last Will and Testament and/or Living Will?

One may discover that it is helpful to look at all possibilities. On the other hand, only some of them may be pertinent and there may indeed be other considerations that are not included here. What is important, is making personal and informed choices for oneself.

In shared conversation, support is offered thus creating a bond of trust helping you to identify what is important to you. You will discover that you have real choices and can be assisted in enabling these choices to become realities with the support of an Embracing Dying Advocate.


The Embracing Dying initiative lives under the umbrella of PAFAM (Patients & Friends Association for Anthroposophic Medicine in the U.K.)

Patient Associations are encouraged to address different aspects of health and well being which, also includes dying well. Our choices on every health/illness related level… including our dying process are considered.

In the Western world we have largely lost our relationship to death and dying and it has become the feared spectre at the end of life, dealt with only by “professionals” and avoided as much as possible, instead of being accepted as the natural life event that dying is.

Our work with Embracing Dying aims to help us all reconnect.